Invoice issue:

For the issue of an invoice based on POL 1150, Article 39A should be followed the following procedure:

If you create an account on the site and place an order online, you send us by
email attaching to your account the following:

1)  Personalized information from Taxis (Business Register Details) with a date of printing the same or the day before the order.

2)  Personalized information from Taxis (Registration data of a legal or natural person) with a date of printing the same or the day before the order.

3)  A certified bank document proving that the account is corporate and belongs to the same TIN,  or alternatively printing from Taxis with a current date of the certified accounts of the business.

4)  Identity of the legal representative (double side).

5)  Solemn declaration with a genuine signature (In case of receipt by a third party).

Then our company carries out the necessary checks* for the correctness and cross-checking of the data given to us.
*Documents may take between 5 and 10 business days to be checked.

You should upload all documents on the same day as the order is placed or with one day deviation.

In any case, the store reserves the right to cancel in case we have not received all the above documents or do not meet the above requirements.

You do not pay for your order if you do not receive relevant information from us.

The payment of invoices based on POL 1150, Article 39A should be made solely by transfer from a corporate bank account. Upon completion of your payment, you send the depository via email.

The shipment must be done at the headquarters of the company.

The maximum number of pieces per order is two (2).

Since you already have an order in progress there is no possibility to enter a second one. Once the first order process is completed then you can make a new entry.

The collection of the package is made only by the legal representative of the company by presenting his identity card or passport for identity. Otherwise, the recipient must present an authorization with the authenticity of the signature (Citizen Service Centre – police station) and his/her identity card or passport.

In case your business does not belong to a normal VAT regime, the invoicing is completed with 24% VAT.

Products which do not fall under the provisions of article 39a (Law 2859/2000), for example gadgets  and accessories,  will be invoiced normally with VAT 24%.

In the event that:

  • the payment must be made  within 2 working days of receiving information;
  • the documents we have received do not meet the above requirements, the order will be automatically cancelled and you will have to proceed to a new one. 

If a receipt document has already been issued and the parcel has departed from our place, no change of document can be made except in cases where the product return procedure is followed, as it is written on our site.

If the above are followed, we will proceed to the processing, execution and dispatch of your order.